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Start, Control & Locate Your Vehicle From Virtually Anywhere!


A connected vehicle offers convenience and peace-of-mind. Control your vehicle from your smartphone, check in to see everything is as it should be, and track your tracks. Smart Start does require a subscription plan. Please see below for plan details!


  • Remotely start your vehicle to warm or cool its climate before travel.
  • Lock your vehicle’s doors when you realize they may be unlocked!
  • Check your vehicle’s alarm system status to see whether it has been triggered.
  • Decipher your engine errors with Diagnostic Trouble Code explanations.
  •  4-button 1-Way with Up to 1/4 Mile Range



SKU: 364115376135191
  • Manual Transmissions are +$100.
    If you have Push to Start and manual transmission, please call before purchasing.
    Most fords 2010-2016 require two keys for vehicle programming (as well as some other fords). You will get them both back.
    Most European cars require a key to be put into the installation permanently and you do not get it back.
    Most European cars have an additional fee. (MOST VW do not, but some do) They are $100 to $1200 additional (yes, I know) please call before purchasing.
    Some newer Toyotas require a key loss. Most do not.
    We can’t do every car on the road. In this case a refund in full will be issued.
    Alarms can be added to most of these vehicles for $100.
    We reserve the right to refund any vehicle listed. We will call to discuss if there are other options first.
    All prices listed are out the door and include parts and labor.
    We will call you to schedule these jobs on a first come, first serve basis.
    Gift cards can be mailed at no charge. Please include your shipping address if desired.
    No contact installs are 100% available. We have a night drop we encourage you to use (if dropped during business hours, please let us know the keys are in there as we don’t check them during business hours unless we’re asked to). We can also lock keys in the vehicle, the gas door etc. for pick up.
    All appointments are for the day.
    Please clean your vehicle out (including center console for push to start cars). We may be working behind the glove box, in the drivers dash area or even in the trunk. Please help us be efficient in our installs.

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